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Suspension Arm Change

Usually required as a wear and tear replacement. Over time the rubber bushings and covers will wear out thus exposing key components to the elements and increased wear. If you feel your suspension is noisier than usual, it could be time for an arm replacement. Just bring your car down and have us check it out for you.

Shock Absorber Change

Whether it be for wear and tear replacement or even a performance upgrade, Alfa City has you covered. Just bring your car over to us for a no-obligation consultation.


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At Alfa City, we care deeply about the work that we do and the advice that we give. Cars and racing run deep within our veins and we pride ourselves on giving quality advice and workmanship that is objective, practical and based off our decades of experience.

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  • When should I service my suspension?

    For most modern car suspension systems, there really isn’t much servicing to be done apart from routinely checking for any wear and tear. Our mechanics will help you do a check during each routine service.

  • My suspension has developed some noise, what is the problem?

    There are many reasons for noise depending on what type of noise. The most common issue are worn out bushings and dust covers. We recommend you change these parts early as they will only get worse over time and start to wear out other components as well.

  • Should I consider aftermarket suspension?

    It depends on your intentions. If you are going for better handling performance then you definitely should. If you are going for better comfort, you probably shouldn’t as performance suspension tend to be stiffer and less comfortable. Always do your research when considering aftermarket suspension to avoid compatibility issues.

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