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VP® Extreme Service Oil Boost - Concentrated Formula


Extreme Service Oil Boost – Concentrated Formula is specially formulated for high-mileage vehicles with 75,000 or more odometer miles, fleet vehicles used in service applications and vehicles operating under severe conditions. Its robust additive system contains special seal conditioners that recondition and improve O-rings, gaskets and seals to reduce engine leaks and oil consumption while special detergents minimize engine sludge and formation of performance-robbing deposits. 

Through proprietary technology, Extreme Service Oil Boost enhances treated Motor Oil to deliver maximum engine protection and guaranteed performance while maintaining desired Motor Oil’s viscosity within recommended grade. It will not affect or alter API or ILSAC performance standards, OEM specifications or vehicle warranty requirements. 


– Stay-in-grade performance and protection with multiple engine oil grades 

– Reduces engine oil leaks and driveway staining 

– Robust anti-wear protection for critical engine components 

– Special burn-off inhibitors reduce oil consumption between services 

– Superior cold-temp properties compared to other oil treatments 

– Minimizes dark exhaust smoke 


– High-Mileage vehicles with 75,000 or more odometer miles

– Vehicles operating under severe driving condition(s)

– Hard-working fleet vehicles used in service-duty

– Vehicles that leak motor oil

– Vehicles that consume motor oil between services

– Vehicles that emit dark exhaust smoke

– Safe and recommended for all gasoline engines


Add 12 oz. of Extreme Service Oil Boost Concentrate to up to 6 quarts of conventional or synthetic SAE 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-30 or 10W-40 Motor Oil with service. 

Recommended for application with Synthetic or Conventional Motor Oil. Always consult vehicle owner’s manual for fill capacity and recommended Motor Oil viscosity and performance level. 

Severe driving conditions include: 

– Frequent idling for long periods of time, such as stop-and-go driving in heavy traffic or city driving. 

– Sustained highway driving in hot weather, such as vacation travel or driving in hot ambient temperatures. 

– Towing a boat or trailer, carrying heavy objects on a rooftop rack or heavy payload. 

– Driving in dusty conditions, such as dirt or gravel roads or in dust storms. 

– Prolonged operation in sub-zero ambient temperatures. 

– Driving on steep hills or mountains on a regular basis. 

For optimum results and long-term engine protection, apply Extreme Service Oil Boost with each vehicle oil change. 

Made in USA

Packing: 12oz(355ml) Bottle (12 bottles per box)


355ml Bottle $12.00
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